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"Entwined by Light"
Rachel Honnery
Tuesday 24th April to Saturday 5th May
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A lament for moonlight "A lament for moonlight"
122 x 102cm - oil on linen
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In A.S. Byatt's novella, Morpho Eugenia, a naturalist falls in love with the daughter of his patron. He delights his love by creating a room filled with butterflies during the day.

He is so eager to please her that he invites her back that evening to experience the wonders of the moth.

But instead of feeling delight, she feels revulsion.

Unlike the naturalist's would-be lover, I did fall in love with the moth when first reading this story many years ago.

The contrast has always played on my imagination.

Why does the butterfly garner glory and the moth none?

Is it the showy colours of the day-bright butterfly that pull people to her?

Is the shadowy nature of her evening sister and all its associations that somehow create fear, even loathing?

The lure of light "The lure of light"
72 x 56cm - oil on canvas
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Either way I love the moth.

She is not just grey, or white. She is luminous green, turquoise, terracotta, gold, cream, chocolate brown, silver and gold.

Her subtle colours are alluring, like pearls and opals. She is an incandescent reflection of the moon she is guided by.

My paintings pay tribute to the moth: her natural (and artificial) flight patterns, her lambent colours, her subtle patterns and dazzling evanescence.

The Moth

The great moth winged with many eyes
frets from his breast its silver dust.
Caught in the net my lamp has cast
he beats and circles till he dies.

His life was set on some true path
until his kind inhabited night
betrayed him to a craze of light,
light meaningless and cold like death –

or so I said, who watched him parch
upon his sterile radiant heaven –
a love unjoined, a gift ungiven –
strange failure in the eternal search:

and so turned back my pen to prayer
that might be language for a moth:
"O overcome me, Power and truth;
transmute my ignorance, burn it bare;
so that against your flame, not I
but all that is not You, may die."

Five Senses
Selected poems by Judith Wright
Published in 1963 by Angus & Robertson Ltd
Kathy 863 Kathy 863 Kathy 863 Kathy 863

1. "A good spotted based face: agathiopsis basipuncta"
2. "The overseer of my beautiful shield: metallarcha calliaspis"
3. "The overseer entwined: metallarcha pseliot"
4. "Rulership of the new widow: neochera dominia"

all are watercolour on paper

Lover of the evening "Lover of the evening"
72 x 56cm - oil on canvas
(click image to see a larger version)
Float near me, around me "Float near me, around me"
72 x 56cm - oil on linen
(click image to see a larger version)

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