The Three Sisters


Longing for a room of one's own

Jane Witter, Sophie Witter and Belinda Witter

Tuesday 28th March to Sunday 9th April

Opening Night: Saturday 1st April 4-7pm

Venue: Breathing Colours

Please join us to celebrate with some light refreshments.

About Belinda Witter (Clarke)

A Week of Meals, Twenty-One Tablecloth Textiles is a celebration of a life of shared meals and memories at the Witter home and beyond. Belinda grew up in Sydney and now lives with her husband and two young girls in Hobart, Tasmania. Her textile works are a tribute to her mum Christine and the lifetime of entertaining friends and family, food loving and cooking wizardry in which Belinda and her family have been delightfully immersed. Each work has been created using authentic table cloths and napkins from her mum, her nan, her grandmother, aunts, cousins, siblings and friends.

Belinda chose to use the medium of scarfs as a symbol of the bond between the women in her family. Living in Hobart they often find themselves a little chilly and in need of some extra warmth. Exchanging and gifting each other scarfs has emerged as a new family tradition. Each scarf has been designed and titled to capture a memorable shared family meal. There are 21 works in the collection, representing 3 meals a day over a one week period.

About Sophie Witter

My paintings are based on the colours and shapes of the familiar objects that surround me in my home and the views outside my windows.   They have been created in my living room amongst domestic chaos and the curious eyes and fingers of my children.

About Jane Witter

I work with textiles and thread because of the strong resonance they hold for me. My father’s family worked in the second hand clothing business and one of my strongest childhood memories is sorting through the clothing at the factory looking for treasures and collecting discarded buttons from the floor. I try and incorporate fragments of found textiles and objects into all my work; hand embroidery, vintage clothes, my children’s clothes, tea towels; because they connect to my own history and the history of others, often women, who made or used the original articles. I strongly support the reuse/recycle ethos that using found objects promote. I also just love the feel and look of textiles!

This series is based around the concept of place; each work represents the home of each of my siblings and also a family holiday place that we all have shared. The fifth work represents the internal domestic space of the she- shed/ room of one’s own that is so important for retaining a fulfilled, creative and holistic sense of self in the midst of all the demands womanhood place on us.

Current Exhibition

Also a Printmaker

Tue 26th Apr to Sun 14th May

Mellissa Read-Devine


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