Contemporary Ceramics

Breathing Colours features a variety of contemporary ceramics in their Sydney gallery from a range of leading Australian ceramic artists.

There are different types of ceramics but generally they are all corrosion-resistant and hard, but brittle. They are able to withstand high temperatures and are good insulators, leading them to widespread use in modern society.

Some popular items made from ceramics include:

  • bowls
  • vases
  • cups and saucers
  • beakers


Featured Contemporary Australian Ceramic Artists

Willi Michalski ceramic artistWilli Michalski
Creating only one-off pieces, every item that Willi makes is unique and original. Based in Sydney, he uses traditional glazes including copper reds and chun.
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Andrew Halford ceramic artistAndrew Halford
Andrew worked in Japan in commercial pottery during the 1970s and picked up some fascinating techniques both abroad and back in Australia. He strives for perfection with his ceramics and the work speaks for itself.
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Current Exhibition

Also a Printmaker

Tue 26th Apr to Sun 14th May

Mellissa Read-Devine


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