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Past Exhibitions - 2010
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A Little Bit of Summer
"A Little Bit of Summer"
Breathing Colours Christmas Exhibition 2010
30th November to 24th December 2010
a picture show
"a picture show"
jenni barrand • jan handel
• lisa woolfe
16th to 27th november 2010
Sydney Harbour: Glimpses from the Ferries
"Sydney Harbour:
Glimpses from the Ferries"
Steffie Wallace
4th to 13th november 2010

Along the Way
"Along the Way"
Stephen Mcfarlane
5th to 16th October 2010
An Open Book of Four Pages
An Open Book of Four Pages"
Jessica, Rebecca,
Dianne and Alan Page
21st September to 2nd October 2010
New Chevron
New Chevron
Bead Objects of Desire"
Anne Clifton
7th to 18th September 2010

Donna Ravenscroft
19th to 30th October 2010
Anita Jokovich
"an exhibition of recent works"
Anita Jokovich
24th August to 4th September 2010
Travelling Lines
"Travelling Lines"
Roxanne Lillis & Loren Keir
20th July to 7th August 2010

Defense d’Afficher
"Defense d'Afficher"
Richard Denny
29th June to 10th July 2010
Verity Roberts, Kristen Lethem,
Kirsten Hilliard
1st to 12th June 2010
By The Water
"By The Water"
Fiona Barrett-Clark
19th to 30th May 2010

Cockatoo in Time
"Cockatoo in Time"
Jacqueline Lamb
5th to 16th May 2010
Well Laid
"Well Laid"
Open Bite Printmakers
21st April to 2nd May 2010
Requiem Wanderer
"Requiem Wanderer"
31st March to 18th April 2010

Rachel Wells and Dan Capper
15th to 26th June 2010
Fabrication Fabrication
Marian Shapiro
10th to 21st March 2010

Holga: Shoot First Ask Questions Later
"Holga: Shoot First Ask Questions Later"
Melissa Bligh
24th February to 7th March 2010
Ingrid van der Aa, Kate Williams,
Sue Roberts
10th to 21st February 2010
Makers Manifold
and special guests
27th January to 7th February 2010

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