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Mainichi Mainichi was established by designer/maker Dearne Herrenberg in late 2004, after an inspiring holiday in Japan.

Upon returning from her trip Dearne established “Mainichi” and began to put into practice her passion for fine arts, crafts and textile arts by making jewellery; using a collection of interesting and unusual materials inspired and sourced both from her time in Tokyo and Kyoto, and her interior design practice.

The jewellery pieces have been designed and created by Dearne from her home based studio in St Kilda East, in inner city Melbourne. The work is not dictated by fashion or current trends, but instead reflects the philosophy behind the name (Mainichi translates from Japanese as "everyday").

Mainichi - brooches

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Favourite materials used include recycled leather, vinyl, fabrics, vintage Japanese fabrics, hand dyed felt and upholstery felts, linen and hemp threads, PVC, bamboo and timber off cuts. Many of the materials are recycled, found or vintage, which means that each piece is truly a unique object.

Leather is one of the key components of the Mainichi range. Most of the leather used is recycled upholstery grade, salvaged either directly from tanneries, leather wholesalers or local furniture makers and upholsterers. Other materials are collected, donated and salvaged from various sources such as friends, family, the natural environment, secondhand, thrift and vintage shops and recycling centres (such as Reverse Garbage in Brisbane, Qld).

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