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Chichi Ginjaka

Chichi Ginjaka
Chichi Ginjaka makes her original handmade art and designs from recycled materials.

She has been sewing since she was 9 or 10 years old and later worked as a designer in Japan.

She always appreciated the old Japanese culture where they recycled everything including old kimonos and even their thread.

She became disheartened by the wastefulness of mass produced garments which often ended up as mass produced trash if they did not coincide with the prevailing fashion trends that manufacturers attempted to satisfy and exploit.

Chichi Ginjaka

More recently, since moving to Australia, she learnt of places such as Reverse Garbage and Op shops, which inspired her work even more.

It was uncommon to see such shops which used recycled goods when she was growing up in Tokyo.

A hallmark of Chichi's work is the minimalism of her designs.

Perhaps this is an influence from classical Japanese art and architecture or maybe even the influence of her mother who teaches calligraphy in Tokyo.

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